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  • Why Does Energy Efficiency Matter?

    Why Does Energy Efficiency Matter?

    There are several reasons to improve energy efficiency. They include reducing air pollution, lowering energy bills, and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. There are more to energy efficiency that just obvious savings. Read on for some ways to save energy around the home. These simple tips can lead to significant energy savings over the long-term. Reduces…

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  • One of the Biggest Household Energy Users is Your Refrigerator

    One of the Biggest Household Energy Users is Your Refrigerator

    Your refrigerator is one of the largest household energy consumers. It runs all day and can be a big energy hog. Older refrigerators consume up to 50% more energy than newer energy efficient models. Side-by-side refrigerators tend to use more energy than separate freezers, and upright freezers can consume up to 10% more energy. In…

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  • Biggest Household Energy Consumers

    Biggest Household Energy Consumers

    There are many appliances that use a lot of energy in the home. These appliances include televisions, computers, heating and cooling elements, as well as televisions. Backup electricity generators and outdoor grills are also big household energy consumers. These appliances can be reduced by homeowners looking for more efficient models. You can also save money…

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  • Average House Energy Use

    Average House Energy Use

    The average house energy use in the United States is around four thousand five hundred kilowatt hours (kWh) per year. This is more than twice the average per capita figure for people in the rest of the world. The average household energy consumption in Brazil, Mexico, Germany, and Germany is less than two thousand kWh.…

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  • Energy Efficiency in Affordable Housing

    Energy Efficiency in Affordable Housing

    Improving the energy efficiency of a home is an important way to save money, cut down on harmful pollution and protect the environment. Not everyone can afford to invest a lot of money upfront. One such group are millions of low-income households in the United States. In addition, a large percentage of these low-income households…

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  • How to Make House Energy Efficient

    How to Make House Energy Efficient

    Making a house more energy efficient is not as difficult as many people think. It is a relatively simple process that requires only a few changes to your home. There are also tax incentives available to help you save money on energy bills. These changes will allow you to enjoy the many advantages of a…

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  • Are House Expenses Tax Deductible?

    Are House Expenses Tax Deductible?

    The IRS allows for a deduction for certain home expenses, including improvements made to a home. These improvements may include improvements that make the home more energy efficient. They also include medically necessary improvements that are necessary for aging in place, such as installing a handicapped-accessible ramp or installing wheelchair-accessible equipment. In some cases, improvements…

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  • Is the Energy Efficiency Brochure Required?

    Is the Energy Efficiency Brochure Required?

    Under Florida law, prospective purchasers of real property must receive a brochure that explains how to obtain an energy efficiency rating. The department prepares the brochure and distributes it at no cost to potential buyers. It contains important information on how to analyze a building’s energy-efficiency rating, and compares it with averages for new construction…

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  • What Are Energy Efficient Homes?

    What Are Energy Efficient Homes?

    If you are interested in saving energy and money, you may want to learn more about energy efficient homes. Increasing the energy efficiency of your home will reduce unnecessary energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and the demand for nonrenewable resources. These benefits are not only significant, but energy efficient homes can also help you save…

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