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A custom loft net for Aubrin is the perfect way to keep her safe from falling out of the loft. It is easy to install and can be adjusted to fit the width of the loft. It will also keep Aubrin from wriggling through a large opening. This article covers some of the features of a custom loft net, including fabric choices, attachment options, and safety considerations. After reading this article, you will be able to choose the perfect net for your child’s bedroom.

Tongmo Climbing Cargo Net, 6.5' X 9.8' Double Layers Playground Safety Net, Kids Backyard Climbing Net, Used for Treehouse Accessories...with Storage Bag and Carabiners
9.4/10Our Score
  • 🥰Premium Kids Climbing Net — This heavy duty cargo net for climbing can hold 4-5 children walking and playing on it at the same time. The double layers playground netting design and reinforced border ensured this net is enough strong and safe.The net size is 6.5′ X 9.8′, the mesh size is 2″x2″.
  • 🎃Sturdy Material — Climbing Cargo Net is made of soft and durable polyester net, perfect as safety net under climbing monkey bar or others, can be used indoors or outdoors for many years. This playground safety net maximum hold weight is about 600 pounds,can provide a safety play surroundings.
  • 🌳Versatile Kids Playground Accessories — This kids playground equipment have a wide applicate. It can also be used for walking net bridge, treehouse accessories, safety protection of stairs, loft net, terrace protection… With a travel bag, portable and easy to store.
  • 🎈Simple Install and Storage — The climbing safety net is easy to hang up and fix. We provide extra 6 carabiners, 8 decorative bells and about 3ft fix rope. You can also choose order additional swings straps and then mounted it. Once installed, the kids will have hours of fun climbing and just hanging out.
  • 📌NOTE: Sometimes an out gassing odor may be present since these kids climbing net is brand new.This odor will dissipate in few hours time.

InCord Custom Netting

InCord custom loft netting is an innovative extension of your home that adds style and comfort. This unique netting is easily installed indoors or outdoors and can take advantage of existing structural components. You can choose from several attachment options, including stainless steel eyebolts, shackles, and screws. You can also talk with an InCord expert to decide on the best material for your needs.

VEVOR Climbing Cargo Net, 14.8 x 14.8 ft Playground Climbing Cargo Net, Polyester Double Layers Cargo Net Climbing Outdoor w/500lbs Weight Capacity, Rope Bridge Net for Tree House, Monkey Bar, Black
Loft Net

Made-to-measure loft safety netting offers a range of colors and sizes. The net is weight and surface area calculated automatically. The net also features a 7-mm border mesh and an additional rope sewn/linked to the border mesh. The border mesh provides a clean outer edge on all sides and stable anchoring points. The border mesh matches the color of the net for a seamless look.

loft net
Loft Net

Fabric options

Loft safety nets are made to measure and come in various colors and sizes. Their thickness and border are automatically calculated based on the surface area, so you can choose a net that suits your needs. The net is thick, with a 7 mm border that features additional rope sewn/linked to the mesh for added stability. The border is the same color as the net. It provides a clean outer edge and can be customized to match your decor and preferences.

Safety precautions

You’ll want to take a few precautions when installing a loft net to keep your child and other users safe. For example, you should check that the net is made of the right material. If it’s made from steel, you should avoid drilling into it, but if it’s made of concrete, it’s okay to use it on the wall. In either case, you need to ensure that the net can hold up the load without tearing or damaging the concrete.

Another great advantage of a loft net is that it makes the room feel open and spacious. Your kids can play safely, while you can see them from a safe distance. In addition to loft beds, nets are perfect for landings, galleries, and staircases. Be sure that you choose a loft bed net that is custom made, and that you contact a netstore staff member if you have any questions about the safety features of your chosen net.

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