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When it comes to choosing accessories for your treehouse, you have many options to choose from. You should consider several things, including Trapeze rings, hammocks, cargo nets, and slides. Whether a do-it-yourselfer or a professional contractor, you can find all the accessories you need from this site. Treehouse Kits is the place to start if you are looking for professional-grade treehouse kits.

Trapeze Rings

A cargo net is an excellent accessory for a treehouse. A cargo net provides fun climbing opportunities while exercising your child’s upper-body strength and balance. It’s a fun addition to a pirate-themed treehouse and comes in all shapes and sizes. A cargo net can also be made of wood, metal, plastic, or woven mesh. A cargo net is a perfect choice if you’re looking for an unusual accessory for your child’s treehouse.

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Trapeze Rings

You’ll also find monkey bars and zip lines, perfect for young kids to use as treehouse accessories. These will encourage your child’s arm strength, coordination, and balance. Trapeze rings are great for a kid’s treehouse, as they add a fun swing. They can be used to hang from the top of the tree or swing from it. The rings give your child an extra chance to swing, making them a favorite accessory for their treehouse.

Trapeze items are an alternative to swing seats and provide a different play experience. There are two main styles of rings: triangle-shaped and round-shaped. All three styles are fun and available in a variety of colors. Unlike traditional swing seats, they require different muscle groups than the traditional swing. As a bonus, they are great for creating an exciting and memorable environment for your child. This means you can change up the play set as your child grows.

Cargo Nets

You or a professional can install treehouse accessories such as cargo nets to prevent children from falling. While installing the cargo net, ensure you use a soft slope and secure it with anchors. Cargo nets are safer than ladders and are a great alternative to them. Ensure that you purchase cargo nets of the appropriate size and type. This will increase your children’s safety and make sure they can have a fun time.

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Cargo Nets

When choosing the cargo net, make sure you choose one suitable for your treehouse. Cargo nets can be mounted indoors or outdoors, but you should ensure that the eyebolts on the cargo net match those on the beam, ceiling, and tree. Also, make sure you buy cargo nets with heavy-duty hooks, as you’ll need to use them to hang the net.


One of the best ways to add fun and safety to your treehouse is to install a slide. These are a great alternative to climbing a ladder. You can choose a spiral slide, a roller slide, or even a water slide if you have a treehouse near a pool. While these are only useful in the warmer months, they will provide hours of enjoyment for your children. A slide will excite your treehouse, and you can buy them for just about any price.

Other great ideas include rope swings, zip lines, and trap doors. These are great for kids and can help develop coordination and arm strength. Some trees even come with trapeze rings, providing an extra swing. These fun treehouse accessories are a great way to spend time with your children. Many great options fit any budget and theme, so find the perfect accessories for your kids and family’s taste.


When building a treehouse, a hammock is one of the accessories you’ll need. A hammock is an incredibly comfortable, durable, and lightweight sleeping apparatus that is perfect for all types of adventures. They also come in various colors and styles to match any decor. You can choose from various hammocks, including those made by ENO. This article will discuss the benefits of purchasing a hammock, including its advantages and disadvantages.

A treehouse is an exciting project that the whole family can enjoy. Hammocks are a great choice for kid-friendly furniture and are especially beneficial for ship-themed treehouses. They can be adjusted to change the wall pattern and give the kids extra comfort. These accessories are also great for providing a cozy reading space. If you have a yard that has an adequate amount of space, you may even want to consider installing a zip line. However, you should remember that zip lines can be dangerous and take up a lot of space. Always remember to keep young kids’ safety in mind when using them.

Another accessory you should consider is a cargo net. A cargo net is fun to engage a child’s imagination and improve balance. A cargo net is also a great way to add to the pirate theme of your treehouse. A cargo net can be purchased in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and will be a great addition to your treehouse. However, be aware that cargo nets are often not as durable as hammocks made of other materials.


Swings for treehouse accessories are a popular way to add fun and excitement to your kids’ playset. These items are easily installed, do not require wires, and are safe for kids of all ages. Some swing sets feature a wooden toy chest where your child can put their toys after playtime. You can even personalize the seat with a stylish name board. The most crucial aspect of any playset is the ability to keep the child’s imagination active and entertained.

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The best swings for treehouse accessories are sturdy and safe, and can be adjusted to fit the height of your child’s treehouse. These accessories are a great way to add more fun to the climbing experience and can help your child develop motor skills. You can also purchase an adjustable swing so you can change the wall pattern to your child’s liking. A hammock is a great addition to any kid’s treehouse and is a fun option if you create a pirate ship-themed treehouse.

Another great option for swings is a zip line. These zip lines are made of sturdy materials that can withstand the weight of 250 pounds, but maybe a little more challenging to install. However, zip lines are not for every yard and may be unsafe for younger children. Also, be sure to buy a helmet for them to ensure their safety. Besides swings, many other treehouse accessories make this setup even more exciting.


The railings of a treehouse are a great way to add safety to the structure. The railings should be no taller than 36 inches. The top rail should be at least 42 inches high. The stairway should have space at the top to allow for safe dismounting. The most important thing to remember when installing railings is to make sure that the hole in the railing is no bigger than 4 inches.

Treehouses must be built with railing for safety. A railing can be purchased or made from pressure-treated lumber. The railings should run the entire length of the platform and have handrails. The railings must have a smooth surface and be sturdy. Some builders choose to build walls instead of railings. It is recommended to build a railing around the door and landing places. You should choose a design that is child-friendly and safe.

A traditional design can be very safe. You can choose from wood, aluminum, or composite railings. You can even choose a railing with a rustic feel. These railings are available in three colors. The color selections can match or contrast with the surrounding tree sleeve. The railings are easy to install and can even be done by yourself. They can also be mixed with aluminum balusters.

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