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If you are looking for a treehouse in the woods, look no further than Treehouse Utopia! This unique rental experience includes everything you need to make yourself comfortable. Electricity, hot and cold running water, heating, and air conditioning are all standard amenities in a Treehouse Utopia treehouse. It also comes with a toilet, clawfoot bathtub, and tiled shower. It also includes a limited supply of drinks.

Laurel’s Treehouse Utopia

The Treehouse Utopia is a unique vacation rental that combines romance and nature. Located in Denver, Colorado, this home is the perfect place to share a special moment with a loved one. Laurel provides personal service and knows each guest’s name and why they visit. The decor in the Treehouse is whimsical but also comfortable. In addition, guests will enjoy the views of Denver from their private terrace.

Laurel Waters’ family owns the property that the Treehouse Utopia sits on, and she is intimately familiar with the land. Her goal is to inspire couples to find special moments in the woods and to celebrate the occasion in an intimate environment. She and Pete worked together for several months to design the Treehouse Utopia, from the tree selection to the architecture to the interior design. Laurel’s collection of antiques was also used to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

While staying at Laurel’s Treehouse Utopia, you can try her signature dishes at the Laurel Tree Restaurant. The menu changes weekly and is inspired by the garden. You can also dine in the treehouse’s private dining room. During our visit, the Nelson Treehouse team also visited the restaurant. The food is delicious, and the experience is a true delight. You’ll feel right at home and leave hungry and full.

Laurel Waters, a chef, designer, and businesswoman, created four whimsical treehouse B&Bs at her ranch in the Texas Hill Country. Each treehouse has its own character and charm and is uniquely different. A stay at Treehouse Utopia is an unforgettable experience that will make you feel like a rock star. After a fun day of activities, relax in a heavenly retreat.

The Laurel Tree has a rustic, yet elegant atmosphere. The treehouse’s exterior is made from reclaimed barn wood and a shiplap milled profile. The treehouse’s interior has a private bathroom and a living room. Dining is available at a table that seats up to six people. Reservations for this room are often months in advance. This home is a true vacation destination for many people.

Temple of the Blue Moon

The iconic Temple of the Blue Moon at TreeHouse Point is back by popular demand. This treehouse is the centerpiece of the property, and was designed by Cleveland-based artist Pete Nelson, who drew inspiration from the Parthenon. The interior of the treehouse is furnished with classic reading chairs, a writing desk, and an armoire. Its private balcony overlooks the forest and nearby river. Its small bathroom includes a water-flush toilet.

The setting of Treehouse Utopia is private, and the surrounding area is home to abundant native wildlife. The river below is crystal-clear, and the lodge provides binoculars for bird watching. The Treehouse Utopia has several picture windows, and there is also an outdoor lounge area. It’s the perfect spot to watch the sunrise or set over the Frio River. There are also plenty of activities to do in the nearby areas, including hiking, mountain biking, and tubing. Nearby towns include Fredericksburg, Kerrville, and Lubbock.

There are four different treehouses at Treehouse Utopia. Each is decorated and furnished with items from the owner’s collection. The Laurel Tree restaurant has a special seasonal menu. The menu changes regularly, depending on the chef’s vegetable garden. Three private dining rooms in Treehouse Utopia are also decorated with trinkets from Water’s personal collection. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, consider Treehouse Utopia.

The treehouses are located in the woods of the Texas Hill Country. There are four air-conditioned treehouses on the property. You can enjoy breakfast in one of them each morning before heading to bed. There’s a cafe nearby called the Lost Maples Cafe for lunch or dinner. Although the restaurant does not serve alcohol, it’s an affordable solution for both breakfast and dinner. However, you should plan.

Laurel Waters

If you’ve ever wished to share a magical moment with your significant other in the middle of the woods, Laurel Waters’ treehouse utopian retreat is the perfect way to do it. Its design is inspired by nature and features vignettes of vintage religious tapestries, books, and pendant clocks. Waters, who graduated from Houston’s Memorial High School, and her husband Pete, worked together for months to build their treehouse, including carefully selecting trees, architecture, and interior design. Laurel Waters curated the interiors with antique furniture, decor, and accents.

Guests can enjoy a morning basket of fresh fruit, homemade granola, and muffins. The treehouse has a spiral staircase and a porch. The design is whimsical and relaxing, and the furnishings are tastefully appointed. The two-story treehouse has an indoor/outdoor kitchen, a luxurious bathroom with toiletries, and a hair dryer. The trees are so beautiful, you can feel like you’re in a dream world.

A private retreat that combines luxury and nature, Laurel Waters’ Treehouse Utopia is a beautiful and relaxing retreat in the Texas Hill Country. Guests can stay in one of the four treehouses, each with a different theme. It’s a romantic getaway and the perfect place to reconnect after a long day of work or school. For romantic getaways, couples can book one of the luxury treehouses, complete with gas fireplaces and countless books.

Waters’ treehouse is located in a small town called Utopia. It is open on Saturdays, but can be booked months ahead. The restaurant is a European-style manor that features a dining room in a treehouse. Reservations are required for the treehouse, which is so popular it can be booked months in advance. And despite the idyllic location, the menus are not particularly tasty.

Pete Nelson

Whether you want to build a treehouse for your family or you’re merely looking for the perfect place to spend your days, you can make it happen with the help of a professional builder. Pete Nelson, owner of Nelson Treehouse and Supply, is a true master at building intricate tree houses. Nelson first became fascinated with treehouses when he was just a kid and his dad built him a treefort. His treehouse dreams eventually grew and he started building them when he was just five years old. After completing college in Colorado, Nelson was able to make his childhood dream a full-time career.

While the family treehouse is located just outside Seattle, he has worked all over the country to build arbor dwellings that are as unique as the people who live in them. These structures are available from the San Juan Islands to the East Coast. In 2012, Animal Planet came to him with the idea of producing a show featuring treehouses and other types of arboreal structures. The result was a series called “Treehouse Masters.”

The television show is a reality show about building and modifying treehouses. The show’s main goal is to inspire people to build the most unique and luxurious tree houses possible. Nelson and his team also build the most elaborate treehouse in the country for an elderly couple in Alaska. In addition to the treehouses, Nelson also builds a luxury skybox for professional football player Antonio Brown, which overlooks the football and basketball fields. And lastly, Pete Nelson builds a super spy treehouse for a retired NFL quarterback in Alabama Appalachia. The treehouse features a 25-foot steeple and the largest bathroom Pete has ever built.

As a child, Nelson was fascinated with treehouses. His father had built a tree fort behind his garage in New Jersey, where he grew up. Later, he moved to Colorado and built a treehouse in his backyard. Eventually, the book was snapped up by Houghton Mifflin. He needed to find a way to create a treehouse that would serve as the centerpiece of his book. He finally found a friend who would build a treehouse for him in his backyard.

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