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To build a treehouse, you will need to know where to buy your supplies. You will find everything from plans to kits and hardware. Here is a list of some of the most important supplies you need. These items will help you build the perfect treehouse. Whether you are a professional contractor or a do-it-yourselfer, there are many types of treehouse supplies. To get the best quality materials, it is best to buy a kit or plan.

FUQUN Treehouse Accessories for Kids ,Pulley with Bucket Cable, Kids Playhouse Accessories, Pulleys for Kids, Pirate Ship Accessories Outdoor, Kids Playhouse Accessories, Bucket for Treehouse(Black)
FUQUN Treehouse Accessories for Kids ,Pulley with Bucket Cable, Kids Playhouse Accessories, Pulleys for Kids, Pirate Ship Accessories Outdoor, Kids Playhouse Accessories, Bucket for Treehouse(Black)
  • ▣【Pulley Gardening Tool Set】Classic lever transportation toy, pulley set allows children to enjoy classic lever operation and learning activities; very suitable for space operation, stimulate creativity, hand-eye coordination and problem solving; encourage children to develop more fields in the garden Cognition and creativity
  • ▣【Educational Toys 】Increasingly, doctors and child development experts around the world are recognising the value of hands-on, imaginative play.Research shows play promotes self-confidence, social and cognitive skills, resilience, and more.Our toys are launch pads, igniting imagination and wonder, and inspiring children to come up with countless ways to play
  • ▣【Easy To Carry】The iron bucket can even hold all the parts, and it is very lightweight. The children can solve these problems without bothering you. At the same time, the children will feel that they are very capable and can handle their own affairs. Doubled confidence can bring them joy; and your child will be able to operate with it with friends
  • ▣【Simple To Use】Hook the pulley with a carabineer to a strong branch. the second carabineer holds the cargo indispensable for the tree house because the pulley effortlessly transports everything you need there, saving yourself the constant up and down climbing
  • ▣【Makes A Perfect Gift】If you are looking for a great gift that has that extra cool factor, then you will love our summer toys for kids. A gift of for boys or girls of age 3+, to lure them away from the TV and PC. It is also the perfect DIY accessory for any backyard playground or outdoor
Playground Accessories Backyard Pirate Plastic Ship Playset Plastic Playground Equipment Set with Ship Wheel, Telescope, Safety Handlestoy Phone for Outdoor Playhouse Treehouse Backyard Playset
Playground Accessories Backyard Pirate Plastic Ship Playset Plastic Playground Equipment Set with Ship Wheel, Telescope, Safety Handlestoy Phone for Outdoor Playhouse Treehouse Backyard Playset
  • You Will Get: playground toys equipment set includes 1 toy phone, 2 steering wheels in different styles, 1 plastic pirate telescope (non-magnifying toy only) and 4 safety handles, enough to build a nice play scene for your little ones, meeting the needs of teenagers outdoor play
  • Safe Material: backyard playset accessories for little ones are made of quality plastic with exquisite workmanship; Rounded corner design protects you from scratches; These playground accessories will last for a long time with you and your family; They are suitable as outdoor accessories to add to a tree house, playhouse, swing set or any playset
  • Realistic Experience: the steering wheel and telescope in our backyard playset accessories set can be rotated 360°, and the audible dial keys in the toy phone can be pressed; The realistic design brings you an immersive experience of going out to sea, making this playset a good choice for outdoor games
  • Good Playground Accessories: our playground equipment is compatible with a variety of backyard swing sets, also suitable for installation in places like a fence or tree house; Teenagers will love this nautical themed set where they can fulfill their little captain dreams
  • Easy to Install: pirate plastic ship swing set attachments are well made and come with equipped screws that can be installed in minutes; You will enjoy exploring the world freely; This accessory play set provides hours of outside entertainment without electronics for your little ones, protecting their eyes and giving you a chance to enhance the relationship
Jalunth Kids Playground Play Safety Net – Climbing Cargo Net Treehouse Accessories Outdoor Equipment Set Double Layers Heavy Duty Backyard Net Bridge for Tree House Tree Fort Back Yard (6.5' x 9.8')
Jalunth Kids Playground Play Safety Net - Climbing Cargo Net Treehouse Accessories Outdoor Equipment Set Double Layers Heavy Duty Backyard Net Bridge for Tree House Tree Fort Back Yard (6.5' x 9.8')
  • This net is soft but very sturdy. Made of polyester material. Great for playground sets accessories for backyards
  • The Double Layers enforced structure make this net super strong. It can support weight up to 220 lbs
  • The 2’’x2’’ square mesh size are the perfect size for your kids walking on it. Your kids can hang out in it and do somersaults in it
  • Reinforced with rope border. It is very easy to hang up and used the net to make a playground bridge
  • Set up parts is not included. Maybe you need some hooks or extra carabiners to set up the net


If you’re planning to build a treehouse, you’ll need treehouse kits. These are professional-grade kits for building a treehouse. They include all the supplies you need to build a treehouse, including attachment bolts and plans. Some of them even include backyard zip lines. Treehouse Kits can be a great first-stop for do-it-yourselves and professional contractors. If you’re looking for a professional-grade kit, Treehouse Kits is the way to go. They also offer a complete line of supplies for both DIY’ers and contractors alike.

Treehouse Supplies offers professional-grade plans and hardware, making it easy for you to build your dream treehouse. You can also purchase plans and metal hardware from the site, so that you can build your treehouse with ease. Their kits are inexpensive and offer professional-grade materials, so you can save money while still enjoying the project. They also offer a support team to help you along the way. They provide excellent customer service and will guide you every step of the way to build a treehouse that meets your expectations.


If you want to build a treehouse, you’ll need to purchase the appropriate hardware. Whether you’re a DIYer or a professional contractor, you’ll find the right hardware for the job at Treehouse Kits. The company provides everything you need to build a treehouse, including plans, bolts, zip lines, and attachment bolts. It also sells backyard zip lines and offers professional-grade materials for a professional-grade treehouse.

When it comes to building your own treehouse, you’ll need to invest in high-quality fasteners that can withstand the weight of the structure. The main beams of your treehouse must be spaced several inches apart from the trunk. This allows for the growth of the trees. The heavy-duty hardware line includes Treehouse Attachment bolts, Floating Brackets, and Pipe Brackets. The company also carries a wide range of hardware for professional builders.


If your child is old enough to play in a treehouse, you can get them some fun accessories. There are many things you can add to a treehouse to keep them entertained and increase their physical activity. Here are a few ideas for accessories. One accessory that is often missing in a treehouse is a mailbox. A mailbox is a great way for your child to receive mail from friends and family. Alternatively, you can add a phone for your child to call you.

Another great accessory for a tree house is a zip line. This 95-foot-long zip line is a fun way to get down and up. While zip lines are fun, they can be dangerous. Children should wear helmets when using them, so ensure you have the proper safety equipment. Zip lines can also take up a lot of yard space, but are great fun. They’re not for everyone, so consider your yard size and the health of your trees before getting one.

DIY Workshops

DIY’ers and professional contractors can benefit from professional-grade treehouse kits and treehouse supplies from Treehouse Kits. The company stocks everything you need for building a treehouse from treehouse plans to backyard zip lines. It also sells various accessories to complete the treehouse project, including attachment bolts, screws, and other components. DIY’ers and professional contractors will find the supplies they need to finish the project on time.

The first step in making a treehouse is to find a tree with branches and two or three trunks. If the trees are nearby, the trunks will support the treehouse. For a simple structure, use pressure-treated wood. Old fences can be reused for sides and roofs. A camouflage-pattern tarp can be used to cover the roof and prevent rain and snow from penetrating the tree. While it is not a waterproof structure, this treehouse is great for warm summers and sunny days. The treehouse is made with kids in mind, and has received positive reviews from people of all ages.

Stay Rods

Among the essential treehouse supplies are stay rods. These devices use tension fasteners to hold the treehouse up while preventing it from falling. They come in many forms, from ropes and wire cables to springs and tension fasteners. Tension fasteners are used to attach the treehouse to the trunk without requiring any drilling, while friction fasteners use grips, threaded beams, and tying.

The most common type of fastener for treehouses is a single nut and bolt. It must be strong enough to hold the treehouse securely, yet thin enough to allow the tree to grow and maintain the support structure. For professionals, several types of fasteners are available, including Treehouse Attachment Bolts, Floating Brackets, and Pipe Brackets. Each type of fastener can support a different load.


If you’re building a treehouse, an EPDM roof is a great option. This roofing material is lightweight, durable, and can be easily installed. However, EPDM roofing may be problematic if installed incorrectly or on top of another material. The downside to using this roofing material is that it doesn’t look very nice. Even though EPDM is made of rubber, it does have its downsides.

One of the best features of EPDM roofing is its resistance to harsh wind. It comes in large sheets and rolls and has no edges for wind to pick up. Other roofing materials tend to tear easily and can blow off in high winds. Another advantage to EPDM roofing is that it can be used in conjunction with a fire retardant layer to make it even more resistant to the elements. For this reason, it is a popular choice for treehouse roofs.

Struts & Stilts

The first stop for professional grade kits and plans for building your own treehouse is Treehouse Kits. These stores carry everything from treehouse plans to bolts, treehouse attachments, and even backyard zip lines. Treehouse Kits supply both professional contractors and DIY’ers with everything they need to build a treehouse. Whether you are constructing a family treehouse or a private abode, Treehouse Kits will have everything you need.

Individual struts can be screwed directly into a tree’s trunk. It is best to use a sturdy wood for the struts, because you may need to adjust them later. Using a temporary treehouse is also recommended, as screws can easily get lost between a strut and the trunk. Furthermore, if your tree is still a young one, you might have to use offset bracket pairs for temporary installations.

Rope bridge kits

One of the most fun activities you can do as a child is build a rope bridge. This is a type of suspension bridge that can be built using a cable with a limited stretch and high strength. Steel or nylon rope are common materials for making rope bridges. You can install the cables using U-bolts and tie ropes to the platform with rope/straps. Make sure to use rope that is smooth at the contact points with the cable, and use a dead weight to test the bridge before you install it. If you are building your bridge for a child, you may also want to install a gate or fence so that they cannot fall.

Rope bridges can be built for different lengths, from two to three meters. You can also build a bridge using fixed beams. These bridges are perfect for treehouses and platforms. The end structure of the bridge will determine how long it can span, but three meters is a perfect length. The length of the rope bridge depends on the size of the end structures. Make sure to integrate the rope bridge design into the overall design of the treehouse.

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