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How to Install a Tree House Slide




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A tree house slide runs from the edge of the tree house to the ground below. The slope and length of the slide should match the slope and length of the rope. There are many different types of tree house slides to choose from, so you’ll want to make sure you pick the right one for your family’s needs. The best ones are designed for kids aged three and up, and they’re fun for the whole family! Make sure to check out our article on the best options for tree houses and slides to find the right one for your family!


A tree house slide can run from the edge of a tree house to the ground below. It must be located in an open area of flat ground with the slope of the slide the same as that of the rope. If the slide is located in a tree that is more than 20 feet high, there must be a space of at least six feet between the top of the slide and the top of the tree. Depending on the type of slide you choose, you may need to install an additional support pole in order to secure it.

A slide is a fun feature for kids and is also practical when it comes to building a treehouse. It makes it easy for children to get in and out and is safer than a ladder. A swing can also be installed under the treehouse, which prevents kids from fighting each other when trying to get out of the tree house. In addition, tree houses with swings are an excellent choice, as they are easily installed under the tree.

The Ultimate Fantasy Tree House Cabin Swing Set is a great way to build a treehouse for kids and is perfect for medium to large backyards. In addition to a slide, this swing set features a climbing lane and realistic artwork. There’s even an indoor version of this swing set, which is 30 feet long and includes a slide. It also includes a patented CAS system, which prevents the treehouse from deflating quickly in case of a power outage.


When installing a tree house slide, it is important to make sure that it is level with the tree house’s open space. You can do this by drilling holes where the slide meets the wood and lining them up. Then, install the bolts into the ground to secure the slide in place. Finally, test the slide to make sure that it is stable. It should be easy to slide down, but if it wobbles, make sure you add more wood mulch or straw.

To install a tree house slide, you must make an opening at least sixty inches wide. You should purchase a 2-x-10 pressure-treated wood beam, which is the main beam. Use the screws to attach it to the tree at the desired height. You should pre-drill the holes with a corded drill and extra-long auger bits. Once the holes are drilled, use the appropriate screws.

A tree house slide comes with complete installation instructions. You can use these instructions to complete the installation process. You should use a triangular cardboard template to mark the stringers. You can also use thin pieces of wood to make the template. Make sure to mark the stringers on a work bench or on a sturdy table. You should use 150×50 (2”x6″) stock for the handrail. Make sure to measure the spacing between the stringers.

If you want to save money, consider using reclaimed wood. This type of wood is sourced from different structures and can give the tree house a unique character. It is a unique way to recycle waste products. You can be sure that your kids will love playing with this recycled wood. It will give them hours of fun. You can also add accessories like ladders, swings, and a climbing wall. These will make your child’s tree house more exciting and fun.


The material that is used for a tree house slides is an important factor in the final price of the project. While you can use pressure-treated wood for the tree house slide, it is not recommended as this type of wood can leach harmful chemicals into the tree. Instead, you should use naturally rot-resistant wood. Redwood and cypress are two of the most common types of wood used for tree houses. These materials are also more durable than pressure-treated wood.

Treehouses can come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. Some are simple square decks, while others are elaborate multi-story buildings. The cost of a tree house slide depends on the style and materials used and the overall square footage of the deck or bottom section. Some of the designs are so elaborate that they require several trees, while others are more suitable for a single tree. Depending on the style, materials, and complexity of the design, the price of a tree house slide may vary wildly.

If you choose a treehouse slide kit, you must buy separate lumber for the construction. You can talk to your contractor about which kind of wood would be most appropriate for the treehouse, and what kind of wood you plan on using. Listed below are the costs for three common types of wood for a 10′ square treehouse with standard walls and a gable roof. This type of treehouse will cost more than a simple platform-style treehouse, as the construction and finishing process will be more complex.

The labor costs associated with a treehouse are also significant. A tree house builder can cost between $100 to $200 an hour. The amount of labor varies depending on the size, style, placement, and design process. However, if you choose to have a treehouse built, it will increase the total price. This is because treehouse labor costs are higher in the case of live-in structures, and living in such a treehouse will require permits and extra expenses.


A slide is a great way to increase the fun and safety of a tree house. Kids can get in and out easily, and slides are much safer than ladders. Swings are another great way to add to the fun in a treehouse. They are easy to install under a treehouse, and multiple swings will prevent kids from fighting over who gets to go up first. However, it’s important to follow safety precautions and instructions when installing a slide.

A child should not be able to climb higher than six feet. The height of a treehouse should be six to twelve feet, or even less. If you’re concerned about the safety of your child, keep the height of the treehouse to a reasonable level. Depending on your child’s age, you can choose a lower or higher platform for them. As your child grows older, they will feel more comfortable with heights and may want a slide that’s a little higher. This way, they’ll still be excited about the slide, even as they grow older.

A tree house slide can be as high as 20 feet. It will appeal to kids, but it is important to consider the safety of your child before buying one. Treehouse slides require an extra-wide opening that’s six feet wide. A tree house slide is extremely dangerous, so you should be sure to select a sturdy tree. If you’re not sure whether a tree is sturdy enough for a slide, consult with an arborist or a tree specialist to help you make the right choice.

Treehouses are a great way to entertain your children, but they can be dangerous, too. Ensure that the area around a tree house slide is safe by ensuring that its railing is at least 36 inches high and has vertical balusters spaced four inches apart. You should also ensure that there are no sharp objects in the fall zone. Wood chips are a good ground cover underneath a tree house.


The construction and placement of a tree house slide require some careful consideration. The design is intended for a specific patch around a particular tree, so it may require modifications to fit its surroundings. Use the following guidelines to plan the structure:

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